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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Then again, this saying may only apply to those over the age of 21. So, what does one do if they’re still not of legal age to have the full Vegas experience?

Go shopping! Oh my goodness, if you’re ever in Vegas, you guys seriously need to visit the Fashion Show Mall. I’m going to sound a little materialistic, but now I know what love at first sight feels like after I setting foot inside this mall. Also let’s face it, unless you live in a huge city, not all of your favorite shops will be within 10 miles of where you live. In my unfortunate experience, there are no Topshop or ZARA shops here in Reno, so shopping in Vegas is always a must.

Enjoy the sights. Thanks to the hotels and casinos down in L.V., you’ll be able to get a little taste of Italy, Paris, and New York City all at once. Anytime between sunset and sunrise, the Vegas experience will starts to set in. Lights will begin to glow from all directions, and they’ll eventually create multiple paths for you to follow. Soon, everywhere you turn, you’ll see some type of show that’ll capture your attention. And before you know it, the streets will be swarmed with music, laughter, and camera lights.

Don’t forget the pictures! How else are you going to prove that you got to live a little of that Vegas experience? Take a moment and capture some of those memories you’ll be making while you’re down there. Have a friend take a quick snap of you as you’re strolling down those eventful streets. Sure there may be some judgement from some people who don’t understand the need for selfies, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll most likely never run into these people ever again. So, don’t be ashamed of carrying around a selfie stick, or taking a quick picture of your food.