New year, new me… Yeah, don’t pretend you’ve never said that before. Let’s face it, some memes about new year resolutions are true. Also, I bet that a friend of yours has already mentioned a new years resolution that they’re planning on setting for next year. So, what can you do? If you’re still struggling with gift idea, stop worrying because I’ve come here to save you from this gift giving distress.
Sports Gear: Now they won’t have an excuse to skip out on a gym day. It’s all about increasing their incentive to stay active.
Books: Find multiple options that will interest them. Also, remind them that the movie may be the easier choice, but the book is better.
Polaroid Camera: Save your friend some storage space on his or her phone by capturing new memories with this old school gadget.
Home Decor: It’s a new year, so help your friend by searching for items that will tie in with the feng shui of his or her home.

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Am I the only one who struggles when it comes to giving someone a gift? I know what you’re probably thinking, this is such a first world problem. Let’s be honest though, I know I’m not the only one who struggles with gift giving. So, let’s begin by simplifying the majority of gift options that are available. Let’s face it, it’s 2016 and technology is the number one thing people use in their daily lives.
Phone covers: Save your friend’s phone from gaining any more scratches.
Headphones: We all know someone who loses or blows out their headphones occasionally.
Watches: There’s a difference between being fashionably late, and just being late.
Wallets: Other than the bank, we all need someplace to store our money, rather than having it floating around.

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