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My name is Brenda Saldana, but you can call me B. I’m the founder of Bumbleweek, and I’m currently in my second year of college as a pre-business student. School can get pretty overwhelming, so I created this blog to separate myself from reality. Anyways, I’d like to start of by telling you a little bit about myself so you can get to know me. For me, my family, my faith, and fashion are three of the most important subjects in my day to day life. I know what you’re probably thinking by now, why would I consider fashion as important as my faith or my family? Well, the short story is that fashion has taken over a large portion of my life. I used to think that fashion was only for the rich, and that style was as permanent as a tattoo. I thought that my classmates in middle school were the ones who defined my style. However, I soon realized that these beliefs were nothing but myths. It became clear that I was the only person who could ever define my style. Since then, my love for fashion has grown out of control. So, did that answer your question?


P.S. Remember to come back every Friday for a weekly dose of Bumbleweek.


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