Untitled #50
Whether I like it or not, I’ll be turning 20 this weekend. Friday will be my last day of being nineteen and clueless. After that, I’ll be 20 and sophisticated. Just kidding, no matter what age I turn, I’ll always be clueless about something. Anyways before I make a wish and blow out my candles, I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve learnt this past year. I know what you’re probably thinking, what type of wisdom could a nineteen year old share? Even though I still have not been able to master the proper form of taking a selfie, I have grasped some helpful information about life. First, through all the stress and hard work that we go through everyday, we seem to forget that time passes by quicker than we believe. Like I’ve said before, I advise you all to remember to live in the moment. Second, I’ve learnt that I really dislike change, but I’ve also matured a bit more because of it. However, I’ll probably always dislike change because of how stubborn I am. All in all, my nineteenth year was a pretty great year. If I’m lucky, I hope that by next year I’ll be mature enough to enjoy the taste of coffee and know how to take a proper selfie.
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