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Be ready to roll with the punches!
Okay so I’m the last person who should be talking about staying caffeinated. I’ll never understand why I’m always captured by the beautiful aroma of coffee, yet I absolutely cannot stand the taste of it. I’m guessing that it because I’m still not mature enough for it, right? Anyways, I finally had the time to sit down and read a small portion of #GirlBoss and I absolutely loved it. First, let me just say that Sophia Amoruso’s sense of humor instantly drew me in during her introduction. So you may ask, how do I become a girl boss? Well, the first step to become a girl boss is to always be ready to take on the world. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. With exams and homework, I’ll usually drain myself and I’ll end up dozing off during one of my classes. It’s bananas for others to believe that I’ll always be ready to take one the world. I mean, how can someone always be ready, if the majority of students/workers usually get less that eight hours of sleep? The answer is caffeine! If you’re anything like me, substitute coffee for chocolate or tea. Just remember to limit the amount of chocolate you have so you can avoid any unfortunate breakouts. Also, please try and STAY AWAY from energy drinks, or cut down on them. Sure one might be alright, but you don’t want to become too dependent on these type of drinks. Remember, girl boss/guy boss’ are independent. All in all, if you’re ever struggling to stay awake, caffeinate yourself with healthy options. And most of all, sleep as much as you can so you’ll wake up ready to take on the world.
P.S. Don’t overdue it with the caffeine. I’m definitely not a nutritionist, but I’m pretty sure that too much of it can’t be healthy.

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