Low quality photo, but a high quality moment.

“What’s it like to be a Millennial?” Don’t let others’ misconceptions about Millennials fool you. The misrepresentation about our generation has been misconstrued to portray us as lazy and self-centered kids. “So if these representations are incorrect, what is it like to be a Millennial?” Yes, we’ve grown up in an era filled with technology, food trends, and Kanye West, but we’ve also gained so much knowledge along the way. (By the way, these aren’t bad things to have grown up with.) Before starting my first year of college, I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to study. (Call me clueless.) But, now that I’m close to finishing my third semester, my path towards my future has cleared up a bit. Compared to when I was 16 years old, I find the business world a lot more interesting and complex than I used to believe. So, thanks to my love for fashion and my exposure to the business world, my ambitions and goals are powered daily. Anyways, besides my own exposure to the real world, other Millennials are finding their own paths. Millennials are: striving for success, sharing their ideas, embracing their roots, searching for new ways to innovate technology and the internet, raising their voices to be heard, encouraging diversity, but most of all, Millennials are learning. We’ve earned our wisdom from the lectures and life lessons of older generations. (In this case, Google can’t take full credit.) “So, are Millennials lazy and self-centered?” No, they’re simply ambitious kids/teens/grownups who love taking selfies.


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