Processed with Rookie CamI don’t always travel, but when I do, I travel to Mexico. Please play along and pretend you heard a mariachi band playing off in the background when I made that statement.

For almost 15 years now, I’ve been living in the United States. I’m incredibly thankful for living in a country full of so much diversity and freedom, but I’ll admit that every now and then I begin to miss my family back in Mexico. Sometimes I’ll miss those long conversations with my friends. Other times I’ll miss the small jokes my grandparents make about each other. However, thanks to my amazing parents, I’ve had the opportunity to travel back every year to reconnect with everyone. Not only that, but thanks to them, I’ve had the opportunity to stay in touch with my cultural heritage. During my 15 years of living in the United States, I’ve opened my eyes to see and understand the differences and similarities that exist within different cultures. In my own experience, rather than assimilating to a new culture, I’ve been granted the opportunity to stay connected to my roots, while learning more about the culture I’m currently living in. I remember how my parents would have my brothers and I speak Spanish at home just so we wouldn’t forget any words. Other times, they would explain to us the difference between the celebration of the 5th of May and September 16th. The littlest conversations would suddenly spark up a history lesson about Mexico. All in all, I’m glad my parents gave us to opportunity to embrace both the American, and Mexican culture. For now though, I just want to motivate you all to enrich your minds with information about your own culture, and to open your eyes to see and understand different cultures.


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