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Books, Starbucks, and good looking backpacks, these are only a few items that get college student through the day. I may be superficial for saying this, but the appearance of a backpack is important. Listen, I love the feeling I get out of wearing an amazing outfit, but I also love the feeling I get when I get a good grade on an exam. Unfortunately, some days I don’t have enough time to pick out an outfit, so I end up grabbing random items from my closet. Just like bad hair days, bad outfit days exist too. So you may ask, how can I avoid this type of fashion faux pas? The answer is, find an appealing backpack! This way, all the attention will  be drawn to your backpack, and your outfit will most likely be overshadowed. Also, pick a backpack that matches your everyday style, so it won’t be too obvious that you’re trying to cover up your outfit. School is stressful, so don’t torture yourself if you can’t put together an awesome outfit in 10 minutes. Instead, look for a backpack that will save you from having another bad outfit day.

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