Untitled #45
Chokers and bandana scarfs… Who would have thought that these trends would actually turn out to be a hit? Truthfully I wasn’t very thrilled when chokers came back in style this year. I thought that they should have stayed in the past, along with 80’s legwarmers. However, I was fascinated once I saw the different forms chokers were incorporated in today’s modern fashion. Along the way, I also realized that small scarfs/bandanas were also being used as statement pieces. This statement trend isn’t just being used for raving, instead it’s also being included in daytime outfits. So, what can we get out of these two trends? Is it worth spending money on a trend that may end up fading in few months from now? All I can say for now is that I’m not sure how long these two trends will be around for, but let’s take advantage of them and integrate them into our own style. They may not be here tomorrow but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them a try. Plus I doubt these two trends could turn out to be any worse than 80’s legwarmers LOL.

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