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Before going on my first hike, my friends advised me to wear comfortable walking shoes. Truthfully I’m not the type of person who explores nature on a regular basis, so tennis shoes were not the only things I would be needing on my first hike. So, if you’re anything like me and you’ve never hiked or explored nature, you’ve come to the right place for tips… And if you’re an adventure junkie, continue reading because you might end up helping a friend that may need this advise.

Note: These are tips for those who don’t normally explore nature.

Tip #1: Prepare to run into small animals. I had no idea I’d be seeing lizards everywhere.

Tip #2: Wear bug spray, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing depending on the weather.

Tip #3: Take a light backpack. This way you’ll have free access to climb up rocks without having to carry your phone or a water bottle in your hands or pockets. My friends laughed when they saw me pull out a hair comb LOL.

Tip #4: Don’t wear jewelry or clothes that you absolutely love.

Tip #5: Take a battery charger for your phone. With the amount of pictures you’ll be taking for Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll probably drain your battery life in an instant.

Tip #6: If things don’t come out as planned, change them up and go with the flow. Little mishaps could turn into laughable memories for the future.


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