Make a statement! Do you know what fascinates me about fashion? You can literally dress like a whole different person and no one will have a clue. Obviously we’re advised to be true to who we are, but I’m the type of person who likes playing with her style. In this case, accessorizing can also vibe up one’s outfit. Sometimes a nice and subtle necklace will be enough to complete a look, but making a statement with accessories can also work. First, look for a nice chunky necklace you’ve been storing away. Second, wear something casual, something that won’t overshadow your statement necklace. Trust me, you don’t want to overdress and over-accessorize at the same time. However, if you do end up falling victim to this fashion no-no, don’t worry because there’s always room for improvement (like my writing LOL). Most of all, remember to experiment and have fun with your accessories!


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